[eDebate] Step 1 or Step 2?

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Sun May 7 18:40:06 CDT 2006

At 03:38 PM 5/7/2006, debate at ou.edu wrote:

>The Topic Comittee Chair says:
>Reminder that Step 1 (or maybe it's step 2) in the topic process is coming to
>a close tomorrow at noon. If you want your preference to have an impact (and
>we've had several really close elections the past few years) you have to vote
>for the area by noon tomorrow.
>Steve Mancuso
>That could be confusing Sir.  Mostly because Step 1 in the voting process 
>was supposed to include a ballot
>with different topic areas, not areas of a topic area.
>I could see how you might get this confused!  However, a small group of 
>people decided we didnt need step 1
>this year from what I understand.

I can understand how you see things that way.

But, from my perspective, the Topic Committee decided more than a year ago 
(giving dissenters plenty of intervening time & meetings to argue for 
repeal) that the consistent second place topic area deserves thorough 

A majoritarian process should not systematically shut out a large minority 
(In this particular case, those who want a 'legal' topic year after year.)


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