[eDebate] Supreme Court Topic wording issues

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Tue May 9 11:08:44 CDT 2006


thanks for the info, that will come in handy.  I haven't done research on a 
lot of the areas you mentioned (yet), but I do think the death penalty would 
be a great issue.  It was around on the treaties topic, for sure, but there 
are many students who never had a chance to really debate it.  And, as part 
of an IR topic, most affirmatives centered around the affect the death 
penalty has on foreign relations.  To be sure, there are many who may take 
the same route if it is run on this topic, but the potential for debating 
the relationship between race, the state, and the death penalty seems to 
intersect a lot of the major domestic impact areas warranted by a courts 

Do you think that every case should be centered in one area.  For instance, 
if the topic was a list, would all of the cases have to do with the 
environment, or would there be a case for each domestic issue?  (IE a case 
that focuses on race, one on gender issues, environment, native americans, 
and so on)

PS-JT come to KC and catch a Royals game, tickets are at their lowest prices 
EVER!!! :(

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