[eDebate] (Delurk) Anyone try using Microsoft's OneNote program to organize evidence?

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Tue May 9 22:32:52 CDT 2006

Does anyone have the URL for Naveen's MS Word card cutting guide?

I lost it.

But word does a great job at helping you organize cards, *if* you use the 
document map (Basically, it builds an outline of your argument in a 
navigation pane.)

Openoffice (free) also has a document navigation tool that works basically 
the same way.


At 08:42 PM 5/9/2006, Nicole Beyries wrote:
>In preparation for my switch to Policy debate for the fall semester (I did 
>two years of competition in NPTE-style Parlimentary debate and IEs and one 
>year coaching college parli and judging high school policy, but am way 
>excited to switch over to evidence-based debate) I've been playing around 
>with different programs to organize my research/share it with team 
>members. Has anyone tried Microsoft's OneNote program before? I've used it 
>for class notes to much success and thought I might try it at ADI this 
>summer and give it a trial run.
>Any other suggestions for windows or linux-based programs that are 
>compatible with policy debate?
>Oh yeah. Hi, I'm Nicole. I'll be competing at San Francisco State if they 
>can put up with me that long and I'm making plans to attend ADI so as not 
>to be completely lost in fall. I'm a debate baby too, my parents met at 
>SFSU in the 70's while my mom was competing and my dad coaching his way 
>through grad school. They both have MA's in Speech/Comm and used to coach 
>and drag me to tournaments when I was a kid, so I'm keeping up the family 
>So, er, hi!
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