[eDebate] FWD DCA Debater #8- Ryan Burke

Brett Wallace bretagus
Sat May 13 12:42:32 CDT 2006

agree with everything you said. cept the beer part. 
everybody knows the d7 doesnt drink, duh.

my point of posting was merely that the complaint
should have been lodged against gossip/being an ass to
everyone...not just women. (as cormacks recent bitter
post proved)

That and the fact that dca bios shouldnt be and arnt
meant to be taken seriously.


--- Jane Munksgaard <jane.munksgaard at gmail.com> wrote:

> from mandy---
> hey can you post this to edebate for me, I don't
> have posting privledges,
> thanks!
> Apparently you have had one too many beers Brett ?
> last time I checked Burke
> has never given me the shocker, not that it is any
> of your business anyway,
> but it was a bad joke that was in a DCA profile that
> I have been apologized
> to for its insensitivity by Dave.
> Jane, I believe, was referring to the pasting
> something on edebate which has
> implications (especially when last names are also
> used)
> -          future employers might see this as well
> as the kids that one
> teaches in the summer or anyone else that decides to
> google a name
> -          also I believe you knowledge of rumors is
> probably different than
> Ken Strange, Jim Lyle, or Katsulas
this is just a
> guess, you might share all
> the rumors you believe about people with them, I
> don't know
> Also, considering that I know of dozens of rumors
> that have been spread
> about me that were 100% untrue that people believed,
> be careful what you
> think is true.
> Have a great summer everyone!
> -- 
> Mandy Castle
> Boston College 2007
> and congrats to Burke, he is one of the best people
> in debate that I know,
> both as a person and debater!
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