[eDebate] ans Branson

Paul Strait paulstrait
Sat May 13 15:26:42 CDT 2006

This is interesting, but I'm not 100% convinced that no alt agent CP fiat = 
intrinsicness.  First of all, you don't even imply that it would elimiante 
all non-intrinsic arguments, but rather just those that are a consequence of 
actions taken by the same body that passes the plan, which usually is 
Congress.  But even in the case of Congress, the "Congress" as a whole 
doesn't make monolothic decisions.  Individual members vote particular ways 
for a variety of different reasons.  It seems completely reasonable to me to 
think that if you were trying to convince Congress to enact X policy, some 
people might decide that the political ramifiactions of doing so outweighed 
the benefits.  They might need, for example, to agree with colleagues to 
vote for the India deal in order to get the requisite votes for policy X, 
wich is something they are not willing to do.  Or, in an even more clear cut 
example, Bush might not want to support the plan because he doesn't want to 
lose political capital with the Congress.  In either case, a single decision 
maker woudl be persuaded by the politics da.  I am sure Korcok will make 
this argument more clearly but I really don't think there is a link here.


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