[eDebate] THEY WERE A VIRUS - RE: those pics

Joshua Gonzalez gonzalez
Sat May 13 16:03:52 CDT 2006

When outlook downloaded the attachment to them, my antivirus software
immediately quarantined it as a worm.  People should just delete the damn


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> Not sure who posted those...since when i post from this mail 
> account it says 'brett wallace' and not 'bregatugs'. 
> anyways, I can't even see what they are pictures 
> of/formatting is messed up on my computer so not sure if i 
> should be offended or what. 
> i would change my password except i have a feeling that 
> however that was posted under my email didnt have anythign to 
> do with somebody breaking into my mailbox.
> hope finals are going well for everybody and hopefully all 
> this dca controversy and such is over now. 
> -b
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