[eDebate] DCA Humor

Brett Wallace bretagus
Sat May 13 23:48:37 CDT 2006

Couple of things. 

1. casey is getting all the flack for this, but
strauss did write the bio too (sorry strauss) 

2. i most definitly did not call you or anybody a
bitch lindsey. you shouldnt make stuff up just to make
me look bad. ill repeat that all i was saying was that
if you're going to complain about gossip/bad thigns
being said about people, it didnt have to exclusively
focus on women and just pointed out how not ONE person
complained about cormack beign called a douche, (cept
cormack) not even you. 

3. calm down. casey has ALREADY apologized and said
that nothing was ment to be  taken seriously. he was
just making shit up. In your case however, you're
rightr what he said was true. although all he did was
state a fact. he said 'his girfriend has fake tits' 
so.......although you certainly had a right to post
explaining your personal situation...im confused at
what you are mad about? I mean really...lots of guys
find fake boobs hot and think its cool. maybe you'll
be more popular as a result. you really think that you
are not goign to get offered a job because on a
listserve somebody pointed out that you have fake
breasts...obviously not seing as how you just
explained that you did. all casey did was state a

4. this is totally out of curiousity...what is a
congenital defect? i am not a dr and was just confused
on how that translates into insurance
converage/plastic surgery. 

you had a right to defend yourself lindsey,,,and not
saying you shouldnt have posted. i just think people
are overreacting alittle bit thats all. 


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