[eDebate] DCA Humor

Brett Wallace bretagus
Sun May 14 01:15:50 CDT 2006

lol, your post was pretty funny (seriously). and i
really dont have anythign against you/hope that i
didnt piss you off or anything. 

as for the substance of the people getting pissed
about dca stuff - ill just cross apply debbies post bc
i thought it was good/a better characterization of
what i was trying to say. 

as for the stuff specific to you, like i said i
thought it was fine that you wanted to post explaining
your situation. maybe you were calmer than i thought,
i was just just in general trying to heg against
people overreacting and trying to put things in
perspective...not that casey mentioning your body was
RIGHT...but just trying to make him not seem like a
complete asshole for it, and instead just somebody who
maybe made a mistake. so yes, your request i agree was

ill admit i DID know what congenital meant though,
however after reading the definitions you posted...i
guess what i was confused about was WHAT defect it was
that the surgery corrected. 


ps - at the UT banquet dave make a joke to the entire
tournament about theile peeing on people.....everybody
laughed. this was also in a public forum, to coaches
administrators and even spoken by the tournament host.

was this wrong? should theile have been pissed? i
dunno...maybe? but i know it was damn funny and theile
was a good sport about it. 
clearly this is not a completely analogous
example...but hopefully it shows that there are times
we can rip on people in good humor and without people
getting hurt.

--- Lindsey Lathrop <jdicamp at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Brett, it is correct that you did not say the words
> "bitch", that was my 
> take on how "humorless" could be interpreted.  Like
> anytime a woman gets mad 
> at something you might think is funny, she's seen as
> not having a sense of 
> humor.  This overflow of emotion that is not
> explainable in terms of humor 
> is seen as bitchy.
> I do not really understand your post to respond to
> jane in the first place.  
> Just because she points out that disparaging remarks
> were made about women 
> in the post (more than the ones about men), and
> makes a connection to low 
> participation numbers does not mean that she was
> denying that mean things 
> had been said about men.  Why you were upset about
> her post is unknown to 
> me.  There is not a huge under representation of men
> in the activity, so I 
> do not really under why you are mad about her making
> a link about a real 
> concern in the community.
> I'm not making things up to make you look bad;
> people can decide that for 
> themselves.  I don't think a public list serve is
> the place to go into 
> detail, but ultimately that's probably something
> decided on a personal 
> basis.
> Matt can fight his own battles, we are separate
> people and while I don't 
> consider him to be a "douche" I'm not here to defend
> him.   So regardless of 
> how he handles that, he and casey have a long term
> banter between them, and 
> none of it involves me so I have just respectfully
> asked that my personal 
> choices not pertaining to anyone involved on the
> list serve not be posted.
> While Casey's Strauss's and any other authors might
> be factual correct on 
> me, they are not relevant to the post or respectful
> to someone who is not 
> even involved.
> Yeah Yeah fake boobs are hot, while this is a neat
> observation, If I don't 
> want my body to be talked about I think it would be
> ok for people to not do 
> that.   I am having a hard time understanding what
> is difficult about that 
> request.
> No, it's not about being offered a job; it's about
> being looked at as more 
> than two vain cups of saline.   I'm not ashamed of
> my surgery; I just don't 
> think this is the right place for a public
> discussion about it.
> Brett, here is a simple researching tip.  I think it
> was in the earlier 
> 1990's that a website called dictionary.com was
> invented.   Not only is this 
> a helpful website in everyday life, but it also is
> useful for topicality 
> debates.   It seems as though you are not familiar
> so I have posted the 
> results below:
> con?gen?i?tal    ( P )  Pronunciation Key 
> (kn-jn-tl)
> adj.
> Of or relating to a condition that is present at
> birth, as a result of 
> either heredity or environmental influences: a
> congenital heart defect; 
> congenital syphilis.
> Being or having an essential characteristic as if by
> nature; inherent or 
> inveterate: ?the congenital American optimism that
> denies conflicts and 
> imagines all stories having happy endings? (Robert
> J. Samuelson). See 
> Synonyms at innate.
> [From Latin congenitus : com-, com- + genitus, born,
> past participle of 
> gignere, to bear; see gen- in Indo-European Roots.]
> con?geni?tal?ly adv.
> [Download Now or Buy the Book]
> Source: The American Heritage? Dictionary of the
> English Language, Fourth 
> Edition
> Copyright ? 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
> Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights
> reserved.
> con?gen?i?tal (kn-jn-tl)
> adj.
> Existing at or before birth usually through
> heredity, as a disorder.
> Acquired at birth or during uterine development
> usually as a result of 
> environmental influences.
> Source: The American Heritage? Stedman's Medical
> Dictionary
> Copyright ? 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin
> Company. Published by 
> Houghton Mifflin Company.
> Main Entry: con?gen?i?tal
> Pronunciation: k?n-'jen-&-t&l
> Function: adjective
> 1 : existing at or dating from birth <congenital
> deafness>
> 2 : acquired during development in the uterus and
> not through heredity 
> <congenital syphilis> ?compare ACQUIRED 2 FAMILIAL,
> ?con?gen?i?tal?ly /-t&l-E/ adverb
> Source: Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, ? 2002
> Merriam-Webster, Inc.
> congenital
> adj : present at birth but not necessarily
> hereditary; acquired during fetal 
> development [syn: inborn, innate, inherent]
> And if your internet is not working, you do have
> your friend Brian Linder, 
> doctor to be, to help out on the long and sometimes
> tricky terms.
> A defect such as this is considered reconstructive,
> not plastic or cosmetic 
> and therefore is covered by most insurance plans.
> You may think this is an overreaction, I think
> classifying it as such is 
> wrong, and a simple request like don?t talk about my
> breasts seems 
> reasonable to me.
> Lindsey
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> get there!

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