[eDebate] women & gossip -- my thoughts

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun May 14 14:00:51 CDT 2006

In fairness this only means that both sexual orientation and gender are
potentially suspect classes and that people should consider that when they
make comments Garrett,


On 5/14/06, Garrett Scott Abelkop <abelkopg at msu.edu> wrote:
> "Do not get me wrong: men are ridiculed too. But in a different fashion.
> For women, the gossip almost always has to do with their sexuality and
> sexual endeavours. Just look at the post about Burke's DCA award: every
> joke in there about women were about sexuality (sluts, fake tits, STDs,
> "giving the butt," shockers, etc.). Guys get teased and gossiped about for
> many reasons also, but sex is often only a minor part, and usually even
> then
> only involves gossip about who they hooked up with and/or what they were
> able to get away with when they did--but not more intimate details that
> women are gossiped about. " - Anonymous Debater
> This is ridiculous - all I do is get made fun of for my sexuality and
> sexual
> endeavours
> Garrett
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