[eDebate] (no subject)

Garrett Scott Abelkop abelkopg
Sun May 14 14:13:59 CDT 2006

"In fairness this only means that both sexual orientation and gender are
potentially suspect classes and that people should consider that when they
make comments Garrett, 


The way it was framed by the "anonymous debater" was that men (which I am) 
are not targeted in the same way as women. 

The point of my response was merely to show that that is not true. 

Perhaps that individual's email should have been framed in the 
masculine/feminine dichotomy as opposed to the male/female one - although I 
STILL disagree with the overall message of the post. 

I do not think that Casey and Dave's DCA bio of Ryan unfairly targeted women 
nor do I believe it reflects a warrant for the overall lack of feminine* 
participation in debate. 

A lot of people are made fun of (in the bio and in debate as a whole) - it 
is something that both men and women, gay and straight confront - Straight 
women are called sluts, straight men are called queer, gay men are made fun 
of for their mannerisms, etc... 

While I certainly find jokes based off of poking fun at homosexuality 
offensive, I do not believe that this bio or this humor in general reflects 
a male/female division in debate - it is something that each and every one 
of us has to deal with. 


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