[eDebate] I've had enough

Brett Wallace bretagus
Sun May 14 14:49:18 CDT 2006

> Brett Wallace, shut up.  Lindsey does not have to
> tell you the proper medical name of her congenital
> defect.  She should not have to defend herself about
> this at all, much less with a detailed medical
> diagnosis.  

she brought this up not me. i merely asked her a
question out of curiosity, she didnt have to respond. 

The idea that the bio was just stating
> the "fact" that her breast have been surgically
> altered is ludicrous and you know it.  Don't hide
> behind "you could take is as a compliment cuz some
> people like fake boobs."  

i already apologized to her and said that it wasnt
unreasonable for her to request she not be talked
about. if that wasnt clear then, lindsey, im sorry. 

 Cormack is not a douche and that wasnt
> funny either.

never said he was. 
if i was gonna say something bad about cormack in a
public forum, i would attempt to be alittle more
creative than just calling him a douche.
ive said like 10 times that calling him a douche
should have been complained about ALSO. 

ill just say one last thing, bc i seem to have come
off as an asshole for trying to 'defend' the
casey/strauss bio.

we definitly SHOULD be careful about what we say and
who we hurt and i wasnt saying that anything they said
was ok. But it is also important that we put things in
perspective. debate seems to tell us that every bad
thing that happens ends with a nuclear war.  

it doesnt. 

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