[eDebate] totally free tournament in november?

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Mon May 15 18:27:48 CDT 2006

the silver 4 have been taken (illinois and santa cruz will both have 4 teams at the tournament).

for other teams outside of washington and oregon state--the tournament has no registration fee and no food fee.

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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  whitman will be hosting the whitman fall policy tournament on saturday and sunday, november 18 and 19, 2006.

  fly in on friday. fly back on monday.

  be part of the "silver 4" teams--the 4 teams that get to attend the whitman fall policy tournament with no registration fees, free food, free hotel, and $250 per person travel reimbursement. see the details below.

  email me back with a commitment to send 1 or 2 teams by monday, may 22.
  see the conditions and details below.

  this is first come first served--commit to coming with one or two teams (tell me in the email), have your email arrive to me first, and you are set.

  --we will again serve food throughout the tournament with breakfast, lunch,
  dinner, and desserts--full meals.
  --6 rounds plus elims; it is a small tournament
  --coach and student receptions
  --the hospitality and welcoming community of the northwest.
  --judge preferencing
  --no round postings before 9:30am. sleep-in on west coast time.
  --wireless network plus a computer lab with printing dedicated to the
  --all rounds in one building.

  --no entry fees.

  --your food for saturday and sunday is totally covered.

  --free hotel fri, sat, and sun nites (1 room for 4 people; 2 rooms for 5 or
  6 people). you do not need to reserve rooms--jim does that for you (unless
  you have a specific request--just email jim for that). you will stay at the
  tournament hotel, the la quinta.

  --free transportation to and from the airport (pasco or walla walla) and
  from the hotel to the tournament and back; we'll also take care of runs to
  the store as needed. van safety certified drivers.

  --we give you $250 per debater and judge to offset your plane travel expense
  (up to 4 debaters and up to 2 "all rounds committed" judges)

  --your obligation is to bring one team with one judge with a full 6 round
  commitment or two teams with two judges each with a full 6 round commitment.
  if you don't have a second judge and bring two teams, there is a $300 fee. each
  judge must have judged at least 12 rounds on the topic (exceptions granted
  for well known judges that are going to be highly pref'd).

  the tournament invitation is located at:

  jim :)
  hansonjb at whitman.edu


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