[eDebate] Branson

matt stannard stannardmatt
Wed May 17 08:40:07 CDT 2006

Jeez, JRussell, it was perfectly harmless, relatively clean, non-degrading 
satirical humor.  Lighten up Barry White.  Having to see you with a shaved 
head is ten times more offensive than that rhyme.


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>1. More making fun of dca bios of good folks which quickly read like bad
>kevin federline songs.
>2. thats kevin federlines rhyme from the begining i only contributed the
>josh bransons to it
>3. then make with with the non kfed sounding bio and post it
>already--hopefully his bio can be posted without the controversy of last
>On 5/17/06, Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>You're a relatively nice dude, but I seriously have no idea wtf you are
>>even talking about. If it is supposed to be neg about Branson, you should
>>stop. He's a good kid and a class act. A win against Branson is worth it's
>>weight in gold, and everyone knows it. Kevin Federline, my ass! I've voted
>>against Branson more than my fair share over the years, but he's never 
>>anything short of an excellent debater, a fierce competitor, and a stand 
>>dude. Your rhyme makes no sense like Sega games. Word.
>>The Don Magic Russell, G,
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