[eDebate] "Productive" discussions should not be expected here

Ede Warner ewarner
Fri May 19 08:13:58 CDT 2006

When I don't respond to emails, it is usually because I've accidentally
thrown them away.  It is very possible that I mistook your emails for
edebate discussions.  Given we've had little previous interaction, I
just missed them.  I would never intentionally ignore you.  If you
resend it/them, I would be happy to engage them.  Again, I'm deeply
sorry.  Not sure that this is relevant to Malcolm's choices, but if you
feel it is then the hypocrisy exists in this instance.

>>> "Paul Strait" <paulstrait at hotmail.com> 5/19/2006 12:22:26 AM >>>


You come down kind of hard on Malcom for not responding to your email
that I have emailed you countless times privately in the last few
including most recently a few months ago asking for help/advice with my

thesis that drew upon articles you wrote and things you had said and I
never received so much as a one word response.

Paul Strait

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