[eDebate] Topic Discussion - Areas vs. Cases

kelly young kel1773
Sun May 21 22:10:36 CDT 2006


I would strongly support a "case" approach simply because I really fear the 
direction that an "area" approach might generate. Actually, I guess I am 
opposed to the idea of a "one or more" area resolution.

2 concerns about the area resolution as suggested (I know it's not finally 
wording yet):

1. Just one of these areas would present an unrealistic amount of cases to 
debate. On a broad level, an area like "religious freedom" includes just 
about every Native American case, academic freedom, prison religious 
practice, religious symbols and holidays, individual practices that are 
labeled "religious", etc. Adding to this is the problem of overrule one 
precedent in any of these cases. We could overrule evidentary burdens, 
presumptions, ultimate findings, etc. in any of these cases. If the aff can 
focus on a singular precedent established by any of these cases, then we 
could debate about any area outside of RF that's been affected by precedent 
by decisions in that area.

2. Having "one or more" areas only compounds the above problem. I might 
support an "area" resolution if there's only one area and some suggestion as 
to what the overturning should result in...e.g., to increase religious 
rights, protect privacy, decrease states' rights, etc.

My concern is that a "case" approach might create far less flexibility in 
what the plan can do but would allow flexibility as to how the effect of the 
plan can be interpreted. However, the "area" approach would allow way too 
many affs unless we narrow the areas and somehow the goal/result of the 

My fear is that I am going to see a resolution that is a list of 5-6 
unrelated cases list or a resolution of 3-4 areas that are unmanageable and 
then have to choose between the lesser evil between the two. I would like to 
see some other options between a list of cases or a list of areas.


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