[eDebate] Topic Discussion - Areas vs. Cases

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon May 22 02:47:53 CDT 2006

I am largely leaning towads total agreement with Kelly so far.  One question regarding the last paragraph.  You write:
My fear is that I am going to see a resolution that is a list of 5-6 
unrelated cases list or a resolution of 3-4 areas that are unmanageable and 
then have to choose between the lesser evil between the two. I would like to 
see some other options between a list of cases or a list of areas.


My question is do you consider a list of 5-6 unrelated cases as "evil"?  The above seems to characterize it as such and I am just curious if you were preferring a list of cases that are related?  I think for those preffering a case approach, that is the next phase of the discussion.  Does the community want cases related or unrelated?

thanks for taking part!

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

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