[eDebate] David Register is a Catamount

Johnson, Joseph B. blakejohnson
Mon May 22 13:50:05 CDT 2006

congrats reg.  im sorry to see you leave D3 but excited to see you moving on to bigger and better things.
youre my hero


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It is with great pleasure that I can announce that David Register has
accepted a faculty position at the University of Vermont to teach and
to serve as debate coach. He will be leading our large and fairly
experienced (for us) squad in the fall while I am on sabbatical in

He gets the huge office at Huber House (with fireplace and stained
glass windows), the joy of living in America's most progressive city,
and the chance to experience our refreshing winters.

We had a fine group of candidates and we are very pleased that David
has accepted.

We will be posting additional information about our coaching staff in June.

I am excited about the chance to work with David who will join a very
excellent line of coaches we have had. Many of them continue to coach
and many of them have gone on to greater glory.

Justin Morgan Parmett
Helen Morgan Parmett
Jackie Massey
Jan Hovden
Steve Woods
Gordie Miller
Bill Shanahan
John Meany
Jethro Hayman
Sarah Snider
Rae Schwartz
Jen Knops
Charles Hoag
Eric Nelson
Jeff Nichelson

The above list is incomplete and the bst I can do from the beach here
in Mexico.


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