[eDebate] students and topic, and dallas mavs stink

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Wed May 24 14:51:12 CDT 2006


First, at least we have a team...unlike the formerly major league city of KC
(World B. Free).

Second, it is PATENTLY obvious that you havent watched ANY Mavericks games
this year.  You are making jokes clearly based around your understanding of
the Donn Nelson run Mavs not the Avery Johnson led Mavs.  For instance
attempt, if you are capable of research :), to look up defensive stats for
the year...They will make a mockery of your ignorant claims.

First stupid argument: You have a 7 foot shooting guard...Yes, for all his
seasons under the Donn that is what he was....NOW he goes to the hoop hard
and with regularity....Have you actually watched one game?

Your team is a disgrace to the sport?  Yes, thats why Tim Duncan said it was
the best series he had EVER been a part of including the finals wins.
Several ESPN and TNT commentators called it one of the best NBA series
EVER.  We won ONE less game than the Spurs during the regular season.

The next comment is so absurd I think you must be offering it up
ironically.  You are mocking the Mavs for not playing D in comparison to the
Suns....Nice work....You clearly know nothing about basketball.

No inside D, except for you dont know what you are talking about and Phoenix
has NO BIGS.

No Rebounding skill, except we out rebounded the defending champ Spurs in
every game and outrebounded the Grizz in every game....

Grizz Mavs game one Mavs 40 Grizz 29
Grizz Mavs game two Mavs 37 Grizz 34
Grizz Mavs game three Mavs 50 Grizz 42
Grizz Mavs game four Mavs 45 Grizz 32

Spurs Mavs game one Mavs 47 Spurs 40
Spurs Mavs game two Mavs 39 Spurs 34
Spurs Mavs game three Mavs 39 Spurs 36
Spurs Mavs game four Mavs 39 Spurs 37
Spurs Mavs game five Mavs 38 Spurs 30
Spurs Mavs game six Mavs 42 Spurs 39
Spurs Mavs game seven Mavs 41 Spurs 34

Usually someone has to actually know something about what they are talking
about before they speak in a public forum.  In addition Dirk has the
following rebounding stats in the playoffs so far:

#4 in 2006 Playoff rebounds
13.3 rebounds a game against the Spurs in the playoffs.

#16 in the league in regular season rebounds.

You are officially no longer allowed to talk about basketball.


unfortunately, a 7 foot SG is ALL dirk is.  no post game, no inside D, no
rebouding skill (unless he's crashing boards because he's too lazy to play
transition D).  I must go now, but don't worry, I have plenty more reasons
why the Mavs suck and Dallas fans should give up.


malcolm gordon

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