[eDebate] the rove indictment

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed May 24 18:43:44 CDT 2006

bean counter not following the story in the blogs where fitz leaked the 
indictment to make rove look like idiot in denial.    purposeful painful 
limbo period w knowledge that no mainstream media reporters have cultivated 
sources inside the fitz camp to confirm or deny death nail.   slow leak into 
mainstream media appropriate for assholes running the gov't.    backdoor 
angle is that fitz has rove cooperating and rove is starting to turn on 
cheney to avoid jail time...but that's if you are following the story...and 
dumbass remember the story was leaked to blogs by wilson 2.5 years ago 
before the mainstream media could confirm or deny that a special prosecutor 
was going to be appointed and that rove was a key player...


MSNBC's David Shuster declared Monday evening that Karl Rove's legal team 
expects Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to announce a decision "at any 
time" in the ongoing CIA leak investigation and that new documents put 
Cheney's former chief of staff in the hot seat.

Meanwhile, Rove spokesman Mark Corallo told TalkLeft, a progressive legal 
blog, the timing is still unknown.

"We have no expectation on timing anymore," Corallo said.

Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, added that "there has never been any 
discussion of any plea under any circumstances whatsoever.

fact is you and your mainstream piece of shit media are way behind the curve 
and i'm sending you some handcuffs to make fun of your support for rove in 
this time of crisis for the republican cheater party...ha ha ha dumbfuck 13 
days to TURN STATE EVIDENCE...where r u, lost in right field?   all skippy 
on planet nazi?   gonna take more than bureaucratic bean counting to beat 
this story dickweed?


Information Sharing on the Rove Indictment Story

By Marc Ash,

Wed May 24th, 2006 at 03:18:49 PM EDT :: Fitzgerald Investigation

I'd like to break this posting into two categories: What we know, and what 
we believe. They will be clearly marked.

We know that we have now three independent sources confirming that attorneys 
for Karl Rove were handed an indictment either late in the night of May 12 
or early in the morning of May 13. We know that each source was in a 
position to know what they were talking about. We know that the office of 
Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald will not confirm, will not deny, will not 
comment on its investigation or on our report. We know that both Rove's 
attorney Robert Luskin and Rove's spokesman Mark Corallo have categorically 
denied all key facts we have set forth. We know we have information that 
directly contradicts Luskin and Corallo's denials. We know that there were 
two network news crews outside of the building in Washington, DC that houses 
the offices of Patton Boggs, the law firm that represents Karl Rove. We know 
that the 4th floor of that building (where the Patton Boggs offices are 
located) was locked down all day Friday and into Saturday night. We know 
that we have not received a request for a retraction from anyone. And we 
know that White House spokesman Tony Snow now refuses to discuss Karl Rove - 
at all.

Further, we know - and we want our readers to know - that we are dependent 
on confidential sources. We know that a report based solely on information 
obtained from confidential sources bears some inherent risks. We know that 
this is - by far - the biggest story we have ever covered, and that we are 
learning some things as we go along. Finally, we know that we have the 
support of those who have always supported us, and that must now earn the 
support of those who have joined us as of late.

We now move on to what we believe. (If you are looking for any guarantees, 
please turn back now.)

We believe that we hit a nerve with our report. When I get calls on my cell 
phone from Karl Rove's attorney and spokesman, I have to wonder what's up. 
"I" believe - but cannot confirm - that Mark Corallo, Karl Rove's spokesman 
gave Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post my phone number. I believe Howard 
Kurtz contacted me with the intention of writing a piece critical of our 
organization. I know that Anne Marie Squeo of the Wall Street Journal 
attacked us and independent journalism as a whole in her piece titled, 
"Rove's Camp Takes Center of Web Storm / Bloggers Underscore How Net's 
Reporting, Dynamics Provide Grist for the Rumor Mill." We believe that 
rolling out that much conservative journalistic muscle to rebut this story 
is telling. And we believe that Rove's camp is making a concerted effort to 
discredit our story and our organization.

Further - and again this is "What We Believe" - Rove may be turning state's 
evidence. We suspect that the scope of Fitzgerald's investigation may have 
broadened - clearly to Cheney - and according to one "off the record source" 
to individuals and events not directly related to the outing of CIA 
operative Valerie Plame. We believe that the indictment which does exist 
against Karl Rove is sealed. Finally, we believe that there is currently a 
great deal of activity in the Plame investigation.

We know that this story is of vital interest to the community, and that 
providing as much information as we can is very important to our readers. We 
want you to know that this is challenging territory and that we are 
proceeding with as much speed as the terrain will allow.

Marc Ash, Executive Director - t r u t h o u t
director at truthout.org

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>    So on May 13th a proclamation that indictment was imminent was given
>to Rove with a public announcement to be made later that week? When did
>we start putting 11+ days in a week?
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