[eDebate] students and topic, and dallas mavs stink

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Thu May 25 11:00:24 CDT 2006


Sorry I didn't post sooner, my unpreparedness landed me at the bar where my 
sarcastic and self depricating humor got me into trouble.

First, I would like to appreciate the record number of e-mails I've gotten 
in the last 24 hours from students that contained their thoughts on both the 
NBA and the courts topic.  I still haven't heard from any west coast folks, 
or anyone from the southeast region.  There is a surprising amount of 
student consensus over some of the core topic issues, which i will most 
assuredly inform the topic com of at the meeting next week.

I have no retort to your comments about KC.  As sports go, at least we have 
the chiefs (next super bowl:  chiefs v cowboys, chiefs win 49-42).  You can 
throw as many royals jokes out as you want, but that's so easy it isn't even 
funny anymore.

Here we go with all of the "that was Don Nelson, now we have Avery Johnson, 
so now we have great D".  NO.  You just gave up 120 points to the Suns at 
home in game 1.  This is why the Mavs will lose this series:  the Suns are 
tricking them into playing their game.  You are right, the Suns have NO BIG 
MEN.  And yet all Dirk plays is an Iso game off of the 2 or 3 (not that it 
matters which player on the Suns is guarding Dirk, he will drop 30 on any 
one of those fools).  Don't get me wrong, I think Dirk is one of the best 
players in the game, a legit MVP candidate this year.  this does not mean 
that Dirk plays great defense.  Even if you are the best defensive team in 
the West right now...that still doesn't = great defense.

You will have to direct me to the defensive stats as I am not capable of 
research.  I have watched plenty o mavs game, including all of their playoff 
games, and there is no D in the big D.

Dirk does go to the hoop hard....like a shooting guard, from the perimeter.  
Amount of times Dirk catches the ball in the deep post, inside the 
paint......rarely.  Now, hopefully this will change against the Suns as they 
have no one who can stop him (see Lakers series, where Kwame Brown and 
Walton were able to own the paint).

You did beat the Spurs, a great team who normally plays much better D than 
they did in the playoffs.  I never mentioned the Spurs.  Tim Duncan 
obviously gave props to the team that beat him, you'd be foolish not to.

*Tim's real thoughts*  Dammit, I can't believe I let that freakish looking 
German beat my ass like this.  Why did we play so much small ball?  How did 
Avery Johnson trick us into doing that?  What happened to our defense?  How 
did Tony convince Eva to date him??

Commentators calling it one of best series ever.....craziness.  doesn't 
compare to the lakers/kings western conference finals 2k2

I never mocked Dallas on their D as it compares to the Suns, you are 
entirely misrepresenting me.  I said you were going to allow them to go to 
the finals, which angers me (i actually like the mavs, especially when 
compared to the suns, but just because i like a team doens't mean they play 
good Defense, see: chiefs, royals).  Here is how the Suns win, and how they 
will consequently beat Dallas.  Suns- "let's run these bastards, 3 balls and 
transitions over and over again, forget about d."
Team X- "Psh, these fools aren't even playing D on us, let's run with them, 
we'll be able to score 100 points easy"

The result-Suns victory.  Lakers-Suns (Kobe Bryant=REAL MVP), Phil realizes 
the Suns have no D and executes an offense centered around KWAME BROWN AND 
LUKE WALTON.  This offense proceeds to win three games in a row against the 
Suns.  Then, their failure as ballplayers takes hold and Kobe has to take 
control, scoring a million points but losing in the process.
Clippers-Suns.  Dunleavy is like "yeah, let's post these bastards."  Elton 
Brand has an amazing series. Blocks, boards, points, and field goal 
percentage are all great.  Of course, every stretch where the Clips would up 
the pace to match the Suns would result in Phoenix going on runs. I know you 
had to watch those clips-suns games Hoe, you have to concede this one.  The 
clips only lost control when they increased the tempo and abandoned their 
half court game.  Result-clips lose.

Now, there are the Mavs-Suns, and everyone's excited because Dirk did/will 
continue to score so many points, putting on a show (damn Dirk has a pretty 
shot).  This is what the Suns want, they want you to score as many points as 
possible as quickly as possible.  I watched the whole game last night, the 
Suns had to have over 30 fast break points.  Dirk could put up 50 a game, 
that will not get it done.  The mavs generally play good enough defense to 
take care of the Suns, if they are executing to (their level of) perfection. 
  They won't do this, though, because they are not a defensively sound team. 
  They have emphasized it all year and improved their stats, but old habits 
died hard.  The mavs will run and gun and it will get them nowhere.  It 
might get them to game 7.  If, however, Avery gets everyone's head out of 
their ass, plays a pure half-court game and let's Dirk act like the Diesel 
under the basket, the Mavs will run the Suns out of the playoffs.

I will concede Dirk is a good rebounder these days.  This does not translate 
into defense.  Rebounding is the ability to get a missed shot, whether it 
was contested or not.  Rebounding does not measure transition D, screen and 
rolls, and all that jazz.  The clips outrebounded the suns in every game in 
that series.  The only time the clips won was then they outrebounded the 
suns by around 20.  So yes, rebound all you want, that doesn't necessarily 
decrease the amount of points on the board or mean you play better defense.  
You don't give up 30 fastbreak points at home in a playoff game that your 
opponents score over 120 pts in and claim that means you have great defense. 
  The new avery johnson defense....please.

Now, I understand that I'm not really defending a team here, so I'll give 
you my pick to allow you an adequate counterattack.

ALUMN, THE DIESEL. Diesel's gonna get him another ring.

come back and counter with your stats, but please explain them in the 
context of the actual games we've been watching, because no stat you've 
given has explained the lack of defense of the mavs in the playoffs.  
remember, Hoe, a stat is a number on a computer screen but basketball comes 
from the heart.  from the soul.  from the streets.  besides, justifying 
opinions based strictly on statistical research is a product of the 
enlightenment, which we all know caused the Holocaust


now, i hope that was an effective mix of sarcasm, self depricating humor, 
and, what was the other one....unpreparedness.

ps-you clearly didn't understand our aff, we love research.  well, if you 
missed the point i guess we could rewrite it and run it one more time for 

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