[eDebate] students and topic, and dallas mavs stink

Martin Harris mharris02
Thu May 25 11:26:06 CDT 2006

Malcolm said: "I have no retort to your comments about KC. As sports go,
at least we have 
the chiefs (next super bowl: chiefs v cowboys, chiefs win 49-42). You
throw as many royals jokes out as you want, but that's so easy it isn't
funny anymore."


Come on Malcolm.  Don't quit so soon.  Josh lives in ANN ARBOR.  Since
when do the Mavs play in Michigan?  Look back a couple of years and you
will find Josh was a Bull's fan prior to him thinking Jerry Reinsdorf
didn't give Jordan, Jackson et al the love he thought they deserved.  He
can't "claim" the Mavs except that is the team he has decided to float
with lately.  You get to pick any basketball team in the league you
want.  And ALL of the KC pro sports teams CRUSH the Ann Arbor pro teams
by miles.  


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