[eDebate] students and topic, and dallas mavs stink

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Thu May 25 12:50:27 CDT 2006


You are correct I was/am a Bulls fan but also always was a Mavs fan....I
even remember the days of Mark Aguire, Ro Blackmon, and of course rookie
towell waving Bill Wennington....Roy Tarpley.....Triple J ranch.  Mostly
because I went to college in Texas and Oklahoma.

Now, its fair to mock me for loving two teams....Yes, I agree that is
sketchy at best but at least its an Eastern and Western conference team.


ps.  great to hear from you Martin :)

On 5/25/06, Martin Harris <mharris02 at drury.edu> wrote:
> -->
> Malcolm said: "I have no retort to your comments about KC. As sports go,
> at least we have
> the chiefs (next super bowl: chiefs v cowboys, chiefs win 49-42). You can
> throw as many royals jokes out as you want, but that's so easy it isn't
> even
> funny anymore."
> Come on Malcolm.  Don't quit so soon.  Josh lives in ANN ARBOR.  Since
> when do the Mavs play in Michigan?  Look back a couple of years and you will
> find Josh was a Bull's fan prior to him thinking Jerry Reinsdorf didn't give
> Jordan, Jackson et al the love he thought they deserved.  He can't "claim"
> the Mavs except that is the team he has decided to float with lately.  You
> get to pick any basketball team in the league you want.  And ALL of the KC
> pro sports teams CRUSH the Ann Arbor pro teams by miles.
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