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Paul Johnson paulj567
Thu May 25 14:48:13 CDT 2006


The Mavericks are still likely to win this series. The
Suns pacing game is only a "trap" if you struggle to
pass and score, which the Mavericks don't. In fact,
the running and gunning game is so tiring that it
clearly favors the team with superior depth (that
would be the mavs). Suns style makes sense against
teams that can't score- but this strat is basically a
coin flip strat vs the Mavs. 
     I also think that Mavericks will be good for a
few more effort stops per game than the Suns. What's
my evidence? Look how the Mavs clamped down in every
overtime during the San Antonio series. That was some
downright decent defense, better than the Suns could

     When looking at each superstars supporting cast,
I also give a slight edge to the Mavericks. Boris Diaw
is a good player (far better than the Hawks ever
imagined), but is he really good for 34 every game?
Prolly not, and certainly he can't be counted on to be
as consistent a scorer as Stack Attack <tho he is a
better passer>.

     The real factor in my mind is how Dallas chooses
to defend the pick and roll. Last year they had great
success in a couple games just absolutely backing off
and allowing Nash to shoot. He went for 46 one game
but the Suns still lost. I think this strat is prolly
good for one win in the series, because it exaggerates
rhythm issues when Nash has to go out of those games. 

     Most importantly, Dallas will start drawing
fouls. With Bell hurt, this will erode and make clear
the already woeful depth deficiency between the two
teams. If Dallas settles for too many jumpers and
makes their pick and roll D too predictable, they
could lose this series, but if they focus on driving
and points in the paint, it will eventually pay off.


--- Josh Hoe <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> wrote:

> A conversation between Josh and Malgor 1 and Malgor
> 2:
> JBH: At no point in your rambling incoherent
> response were you even close to
> anything that could be considered a rational
> thought.
> Malgor 1: Your team is a disgrace to the sport. You
> have a 7 foot
> shooting guard.  it's like watching Harris drop
> bombs over my fat, 5-7 ass.
> unfortunately, a 7 foot SG is ALL dirk is.  no post
> game, no inside D, no
> rebouding skill (unless he's crashing boards because
> he's too lazy to play
> transition D).
> Malgor 2: Don't get me wrong, I think Dirk is one of
> the best players in the
> game, a legit MVP candidate this year.
> Malgor 2: I will concede Dirk is a good rebounder
> these days.
> Your argument that the Suns trick people to play the
> Suns game is entirely
> true and the best argument you have made in the
> proceedings so far.
>  However, you are wrong in a) that the Suns will win
> this series and b) that
> Dallas will not make adjustments defensively (if you
> watched the Spurs
> series we made at least four changes to how we
> defended people a half).
> The Suns will be worn down by the Mavs depth at
> guard and forward and Avery
> will make good adjustments.  Every team has problems
> in game one against the
> Suns because the Suns philosophy is to expose
> peoples defensive training by
> not following the traditional script.  Even with a
> good game plan going in
> the Suns are so absurd that you just find yourself
> doing things that will
> kill you like doubling the penetrating guard or
> letting them pick your
> center on to their point guard.  In addition, it
> takes time to adjust to the
> Suns speed 1-7.
> Finally, and most important, absent a totally awful
> (but typical) offensive
> foul call on Devin Harris it would have been a Mavs
> win.  If you believe
> Nash keeps it up at that pace being defended by five
> different Mavs....well
> we will just have to agree to disagree.  Honestly,
> the only reason the Suns
> beat the Clips is because the NBA gave Nash a three
> day holiday before a
> home game seven.
> MG 2: says Mavs D gave up 120
> JBH says: see above, will get better as the series
> goes on.  And Suns will
> start to implode, get tired, fall apart.
> MG 2: Dirk doesnt play great D
> JBH: True but he is much improved on D....sadly,
> much improved is still only
> mediocre for Dirk.
> MG2: No D in Allas
> JBH: See above
> MG2: Dirk goes to hoop like shooting guard
> JBH: He often posts up - although at the pace of
> this series there will be
> less posting up
> MG2: how did Tony convince Eva to date him
> JBH: A question for the ages...he looks like a
> French Jack-O-Lantern
> MG2: Lakers/Kings conference final
> JBH: 5 games decided on the last possession...step
> off fool
> MG2: I never mocked Dallas on their D as it compares
> to the Suns, you are
> entirely misrepresenting me.
> JBH: Quote from MG1: The Mavs are probably going to
> allow the Phoenix Suns
> make it to the finals.  This is shameful. Learn to
> play defense.
> Consistency is the hobgoblin of bitter Malgors
> MG 2: I said you were going to allow them to go to
> the finals, which angers
> me (i actually like the mavs, especially when
> compared to the suns, but just
> because i like a team doens't mean they play good
> Defense, see: chiefs,
> royals).  Here is how the Suns win, and how they
> will consequently beat
> Dallas.  Suns- "let's run these bastards, 3 balls
> and transitions over and
> over again, forget about d."
> JBH:  Yes, we all know what the Suns gameplan
> is...we all know it exposes
> tendencies....see above....Mavs will win....Mavs
> will win even if they lose
> game two.  You heard it here first.
> LSU ALUMN, THE DIESEL. Diesel's gonna get him
> another ring.
> JBH: Well that about says it all....nice talking to
> you big fella :)
> Josh
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