[eDebate] Cyclone Covey - NFL National Champ Coach!

Darren Elliott delliott
Thu May 25 17:28:40 CDT 2006

It is actually the same person.  Wake Forest invented an anti-aging technique in their underground laboratories in the 1950's at the onslaught of the Nuclear Age.  This has allowed them to remain dominant in any endeavor they choose.  They are the Demons afterall.

For further proof I offer the following consideration:
Ross Smith was born in 1870.  He is now 136 years old.  

Al Louden was born sometime in the mid 1800's but unfortunately records were not kept that early.

And most surprising, Brad Hall is 48 years old.  Former SNL guy.  I knew I liked him for a reason.

Also check out the Wake Forest work on other anti-aging techniques including mending a broken heart.

Any predictions on who will win between the Suns and Mavs?

: ) Chief

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I was wondering if there is a relationship between the Cyclone Covey that debate for Wake, and the Cyclone Covey that was the Coach for Bristow, OK in 1940 when they won NFL Nationals!

I think there is a link, but not not sure.



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