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2.   What I find particularly odd, and quite frankly it took one of my other  
coaches to point this out, is that none of the case area being discussed 
deals  with Gay Rights.

I know that my initial foray into a wording paper didn't generate a  
substantial amount of discussion but I wanted to point out that there is a solid  gay 
rights aff on the first amendment topic I proposed. There is good literature  
arguing for an overturn DADT on first amendment grounds. There is also good  
literature defending that overturn should be on equal protection or privacy  
grounds i.e. counterplan ground.
Clearly, it isn't a topic that focuses just on gay rights but that aff is  
there for folks who want it and it isn't overly biased given the alternate  
grounds counterplan. In fact, IMO the equal protection grounds is probably  better 
however the DA to the perm is questionable. overall, a good debate that  
gives the aff "the liberal" side of the issue without tubing the neg.
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