[eDebate] a defense of areas over cases

J T jtedebate
Sat May 27 10:38:32 CDT 2006

I disagree that an areas list would be undebateable or that it would be too big...

Of course, you can't just randomly list off areas...you need terms of art like "law enforcement" "1st amendment protections" "health law"...sorry but "1st amendment" is far from broad! or abortion...how broad could that possibily be? Really?  "Equal protection" is also a legal term of art....I get what you're saying, but you and Gabe falsely exaggerate the breadth of these areas...

Also, many people have posted such lists...remember, none of that is final...most were to prompt discussion...

I have yet to see a good discussion about the length of such a list 3 areas, 5? 7? I think this discussion would go along way to determine the types of areas we choose....this is also true for any of you who want a list of cases

Caitlin Ryan <ryancait at gmail.com> wrote: agree with gabe that the idea of areas is scary - especially the way
that have been talked about.  people seem to think that an area
resolution would be something like "the ussc should overrule a
decision in one or more of the following areas: abortion, criminals'
rights, the first amendment, equal protection." obviously, that
resolution would be huge and entirely impossible to debate.   


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