[eDebate] Court topic - need area input from community

Darren Elliott delliott
Sat May 27 13:48:07 CDT 2006

I really havent been sure what to say in response so I've not responded.  But I dont want this to seem like I was ready to concede the "community is acting and discussing race" tone of this portion of Gordon's response.  So I will simply say that I do not believe a few posts on the blog saying we are "researching" areas with racial undertones means the community is willing to have the discussion on race/class/gender/sexual orientation.  That is the silence I am speaking about.  

I am interested in the community input on a healthy discussion of these issues.  I will be even more interested when these resolutions are crafted to see what direction the committee thinks the community should be led towards.  


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 2nd VP Elect

>>> Gordon Stables <stables at usc.edu> 05/26/06 2:09 PM >>>

I am not sure what Darren is referencing when he speaks of the 'silence' 
on Ede's proposal for the inclusion of race and class, the blog features 
new work done specifically to address community input for this aea. What 
we need now is less silence across the board. 

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