[eDebate] Fundamental Rights Topic

Anjali Vats avats
Sat May 27 17:27:35 CDT 2006

i completely agree with conor that it is possible to broaden the topic by adding voting rights.  if anyone has knowledge about voting rights i think that would make for a great area -- i just don't know very much about voting jurisprudence.  there are also issues related to restrictions on interstate travel that might be worth looking into.    

i do slightly disagree with conor because i think that the first two sample topics would be very broad.  i think that the debate about fundamental rights is a distinct and independent body of literature from the privacy debate.   part of the reason this topic would be distinct from the past privacy topic is that it recognizes new rights.  though a privacy debate will certainly happen, my feeling is that the topic would still be very broad (a search of fundamental rights w/10 of education in the law review section of lexis yielded 1584 articles).  


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