[eDebate] Ken D's shorter version - RE: KC Guide Dining Options Near Campus

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Tue May 30 18:26:20 CDT 2006

Here is Ken D's list to Fine KCK Dining...

"A Dotte Native Comments"

>1.  Arthur Bryant?s.  My favorite KC BBQ, the original on Brooklyn Ave is 
>still the best but this >cleaner version is still good and offers the same 
>menu.  A Ken D. favorite.

Go to Brooklyn Avenue, but if you cannot - you can go here (also the 
Ameristar has one as well).  If you do not eat at Arthur Bryants you are not 
1) human (unless you're a vegetarian - then you are missing out) 2) sane 3) 
are somehow laboring under the delusion that Gate's is better than Bryant's 
- and although some of you are delusional, it is still no excuse.

Under no circumstances are you to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ when there is an 
Arthur Bryant's in rifle range (some day I will test this theory).  That is 
blasphemous...even delusional Gate's people can agree with that one.  You 
may eat at Wyandotte BBQ - it's on State Avenue on your way out to Village 
West (ummm... about 85th or so) but you must compare it to Gate's.  Dustin 
Rimmey prefers Wyandotte BBQ, that should tell you what your verdict will 

>2.  Dave and Buster?s.  The Dallas based chain that combines a bar, 
>restaurant, arcade games, and >dining.  21 and over unless there are 
>members who are over 30 who can serve as a guardian for >anyone under 21.  
>Good food and good drinks.

This is Chuck E. Cheese for adults.  I love this place, check out my all 
time high scores on HyperBowl.  If you want to kill an evening, conduct a 
test of drinking pitchers of beer and driving the racing simulations and 
test what your legal limit is.  If you drive the Ferrari simulator in a head 
to head showdown, you MUST use the simulator level - to drive an "automatic" 
Ferrari is blasphemous.

The power card special will get you dinner and about 45 minutes of gaming 
for 15 bucks.  I recommend it.  I further think that if I could have a Ghost 
Squad Machine in my house, I would be happy.  I will be going to Dave and 
Busters while I am at the Meeting.... I will drag people there... it will be 
fun.  Hyperbowl for everyone.

Funny story, my cousin is a deputy Sherrif and played the police training 
simulator (the one that detects body motion) and didn't make it past 2 and a 
half minutes.  HA.. I still give him crap about that one...

>5.  Famous Dave?s.  BBQ from a chain restaurant but pretty darn good.  I am 
>a big fan of the >Onion strings.

NOTE - If Ken D finds out you ate here, and it was for any reason but to 
keep telling them how Bryant's didn't have a table open, and how you ONLY 
want the Onion strings because you can't possibly eat their BBQ with an 
Arthur Bryants so close, I will be disappointed.  Please note that Dave and 
Busters allows me to practice my sniping skills (they have a sniper 
simulator) and there is a comment about rifle range.  Just don't do it.

>6.  Irish Pub.  Behind Famous Dave?s.  Great Potato pancakes for the 
>vegetarian in your life.

Potato Pancakes rock. Not BBQ though.

*list of national chains deleted to keep you from seeing it again*

>17. Planet Sub.


>Alvarado?s Casa De Tacos.  Combination Mexican and Italian (go figure*but 
>its pretty good).  Just West of campus on State Avenue next to the Marine 
>recruiting station and Arbys at about 75th st.  Good salsa and excellently 
>priced lunch specials.  A favorite of the debate team.

YES.... here is where you eat if you aren't going to Village West.  I love 
this place.  A favorite of the ESU Debate Team as well.

Darren forgot one other place for Fast Food. Darren Im ashamed.

Located at 80th and State, just outside of the strip mall with the 
Godfather's in it (which is where you should eat pizza)  south side of State 
Avenue.  They have awesome chicken and mashed potatoes with chicken 
gravy.... this dusts KFC... I still like Popeye's but you know Go Chicken Go 
has a special place in my heart... probably near an artery.

I'd let you all eat at my grandmother's house (and she could probably do it 
on a day's notice) but you know, some of you I don't want my grandma to know 
I associate with :)  lol

Take care, see you in the DOTTE!

Ken D.

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