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"Right to Die

Matt Moore

Courts have already upheld a right to refuse medical treatment. Question is
why not phsycian-assited suicide. SC upheld death with dignity act in
Oregon. Court wants the states to decide. Can't rule on it until it is a
law. Court says there isn't a RIGHT to phsycian-assisted suicide so bans are

Cruzan vs. Dir. Of the Mo. Dept. of Health

Summery at : http://www.oyez.org/oyez/resource/case/91/

Washington v. Glucksberg ? upheld Washington's ban on physician assisted

Summery at : http://www.oyez.org/oyez/resource/case/843/

Very divisive issue. Plenty of lit in favor of Physician-assisted suicide.
Paper on the blog by Cram-Helwich.

Huge federalism issue. Moore's concern is that the states cp is unbeatable.
Not enough lit that defends the Court action.
 It's also bidirectional. Overrule Glucksberg to say there isn't a right to
die ? should not be left up to the states, etc."

Another possibility that might have some potential is overruling Gonzalez v.
Oregon with the effect of preventing physician assisted suicide in Oregon.
My understanding is that there is a substantial amount of bioethics
literature on this.

Jonathan Gingerich
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