[eDebate] My thoughts on Hanson's All American plan!

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Wed May 31 21:55:25 CDT 2006

sam and others

i put in gpa/awards won that i think would be good but i'm definitely not 
locked into those numbers. sue suggested 2.5 gpa for all american--fine with 
me. eric suggested 3.8/3.9 for exceptional academic all american. that's a 
little bit high for my tastes but again, i'm all good with it.

i like the "exceptional" awards but i'm also not locked into that.

and, sam, i am all for a separate group of awards for kids that help start 
programs/do something exceptional in promoting/helping ceda debate. to some 
degree, i feel that kids like that deserve something with more special and 
specific recognition than all american debater. but if all american is the 
avenue for that recognition--that's fine by me. i agree 100% with the 
nurturing metaphor even if my advocacy appears to be an "inflexible 
criteria-of-iron." ;)

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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I think Jim's plan is better than the status quo. My suggestions to make it
even better:

1) Get rid of the "superduper" exceptional All American and Academic All
American categories. Just have All Americans. I think the "exceptional" 
marginalizes the other award and confuses because he has no sports 
that the uninitiated can latch on to.

2) Have  a process where one can nominate someone who does not fit into
Hanson's strict criteria. The Awards committee can then decide if they want 
award an All American award to someone who does not fit the criteria. For 
say a student starts a program (finds funding, debaters, coaching, etc.) but
has not had the competitive success or the number of tournaments under 
inflexible criteria-of-iron. I think there should be a loophole so that the
committee can award this person All American honors. This may seem 
arbitrary. I
call it nurturing!



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