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Hello debaters and coaches! 

 I thought that it would be a good idea to send a package 

over to some soldiers in time for the holidays and since 

some of you will be here at JMU this weekend I thought you 

might want to participate. I'm attaching a list of things 

that have been requested by a group of 30 soldiers (15 male, 

15 female) who are currently stationed near Baghdad. I also 

added a few things to the list that I think would be 

appreciated based on my roaming around websites in the past 

day or so. 

  If there's anything that you can think of that isn't on 

the list and would be appreciated feel free to bring it. 

Also feel free to include any letters of appreciation, I'm 

sure that some of the soldiers feel a little lonely and 

unappreciated around this time of year, I know some of them 

don't have family to send them goodies or letters.  

  Don't feel pressured to go out and buy anything! If you 

have stacks of magazines just laying around your house they 

would definately be appreciated. Just take a look around 

your house and see what stuff you don't use that the 

soldiers might make use of, especially things that they 

could use for entertainment like board games, cards, books, 


  There are some customs forms that I am going to have to 

fill out when I mail the packages and I'll have to include 

everything that is in the box and the value of everything 

(in US dollars) so if you could include that on a list if 

you bring things to the tournament that would be a big help. 

Thank you! 

Mary E. Mosley 

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