[eDebate] Graduate Assistantship in ANY DEPARTMENT

joe schatz sailorferrets
Wed Nov 1 18:38:58 CST 2006

Binghamton is still looking for applicant for an assistant coach
position for the 07-08 debate season. Compensation includes a tuition
waiver for ANY DEPARTMENT you can get accepted to, as well as a
stipend large enough to live off of without the need for student
loans. Binghamton University is an equal opportunity employer. All you
need to do is apply to whatever department you desire and send me an
e-mail letting me know of your intentions so I can watch the progress
of your applications. So for those of you not to Com departments, this
is the perfect opportunity to stay in debate and pursue a graduate
degree in whatever studies you're interested in.

joe schatz
director of debate at binghamton university
campaigns coordinator of the binghamton/vestal vegan association

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