[eDebate] anyone going to northridge, please help

Mark Linsey caldazar
Wed Nov 1 19:03:26 CST 2006

Howdy, sorry for spamming the list with this request again,

Stanford is going to the Northridge tournament this weekend.  We won't have
a coach there thanks to a high school tournament this weekend, and neither
of our seniors are going to be there either, so we won't be able to rent a
car.  We really want/need to avoid renting a cab every time we go to and
from the tournament, so could anyone give us a ride to and from the
tournament hotel?  We've got two debaters and a couple tubs, if you can just
fit one debater or if you can only give us a ride for one or two of the
three days, please contact me, we'd appreciate any amount of help.

Also, if you're renting a van for the tournament we'd be happy to split the
rental costs.

And we still need to hire judging. We'll pay $25/round in cash.

Thanks a bunch,
-Mark Linsey
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