[eDebate] Pre-Shirley Disclosure

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Wed Nov 1 23:16:34 CST 2006

The Shirley is right around the corner. After watching the inspirational 
performance of ?Scout: Adam ?Ace? Garen? on CSTV, we're looking forward to 
scouting our tournament as well as we possibly can.

?We all want better debates.? Better information improves debate for 
everyone. This year, its particularly true--We're all still learning from 
each other how to research and debate a legal topic. The list is a 
community project: It takes a big effort on the part of all participants in 
the tournament to make it what it is.

This year, we?re experimenting with major change to the basic model:
                 Previously, we?ve withheld the list & released it only to 
                 This year, we?re decentralizing the process: Information 
is going up on a wiki as soon as we can post it. Anyone can view the 
information once its posted. [The wiki will be up and running ?when its 
done.? I?ll post the URL to eDebate then.]
                 Pre-tournament disclosure is still a condition of entry, 
but this inverts the ?free-riding problem.? Everyone can see who isn?t 
participating. Anyone who wants to correct free-riding can edit the list by 
emailing me for permission and adding the information they have. [You can 
still just email it to me] (We?ll change this basic protocol as 
but we need some way to maintain a certain level of accountability.)
                 You?ll be able to download the whole wiki so you can read 
it offline. It won?t be printable, but it will be in the form of a bunch of 
smaller files instead of a giant document that crashes your computer.
                 If the experiment backfires, we can always revert to the 
old model by making the wiki viewable only by approved members.

To facilitate scouting during the tournament, we need a good deal 
of  pre-tournament information. That way, everyone scouting can focus 
on  upgrading what we've already got & gathering new information.

You can submit your information two ways: Email it to me, 
<mailto:lacyjp at wfu.edu>lacyjp at wfu.edu, or become a member of the wiki and 
add your information.

Target deadline: Midnight, Tuesday, November 7. That will give us the time 
to post the information so it can be of use before the tournament.


Affirmative Disclosure--

                 The most recent plan text(s) you've read.
                 Complete 1ac outline(s) with full cites [Author, Source, 
Date, URL, page #s, First & Last phrases.]
                 2ac add-ons
                 2ac answers to common negative positions (including off 
case args & major case arguments)

                 If your 1ac is not 'traditional', describe your 
affirmative in as much detail as necessary to provide the opposition the 
equivalent of the above. [Plus full cites for anything that can be cited -- 
like music or movie clips.]

Negative Disclosure--

                 Basic rule: Disclose the quantity & quality of information 
you'd want from a team when you are affirmative.
                 Include at minimum the generic strategies you've deployed 
thus far, with a complete outline & full citations as described above.
                 I say this every year: A good norm to stive for is MSU's 
Pre-Shirley disclosure from last year at www.wfu.edu/~lacyjp

We don't expect you to disclose new arguments. Keeping ?caselist-able? 
electronic versions of new arguments is a great idea.

A representative of Wake Debate has been assigned to each team entered in 
the tournament. They will be in contact with your opponents, your judges 
and maybe even you to gather as much pre-tournament information as 
possible. We appreciate all the help you can give us in that regard.

--JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

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