[eDebate] Alternate use time

Mike Kearney kearney.debate
Sat Nov 4 20:08:57 CST 2006

I want to urge everyone that will be at the Cal swings to join Martin and me
at the third leg of the Christmas debates: UTD. Unless something has changed
they give alternate use time. I think that if i'm given 16 minutes of CX i
can get Tripp to admit that his aff is not topical. Challenge?

Oh and here's a funny coversation that occured with Martin while writing
this post:

*duppyhero* (8:03:56 PM): include that it's my lifelong dream to win the
fear and loathing

*mkearney007* (7:57:24 PM): why could you not find these articles on lexis?
*mkearney007* (7:57:27 PM): or did you even try?
*duppyhero* (7:57:28 PM): i tried but i got too many results
*mkearney007* (7:57:47 PM): i just limited the date
*duppyhero* (7:57:52 PM): ahhh
*duppyhero* (7:57:53 PM): good thinking
*duppyhero* (7:58:01 PM): thats why you're the 2n
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