[eDebate] Frederick Douglass Debates-Speaker awards and elims

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Nov 5 13:18:43 CST 2006


We are moving toward sems in open and finals in novice....here are some
results...we cleared all teams with at least three wins...and we will start
ceda sanctioned outrounds with the sems.

VARSITY partial 1/4's
Towson AO (Advances without debating)
BCD/Temple AM (Advances without debating)
Marist KK  against Towson BP
WVU SS against Towson JB

NOVICE 1/4's

Marist FT defeated Towson CR
WVU DS defeated WVU NM
Towson MV defeated Towson FG
Towson MY Defeated Towson SS

Novice 1/2's
Marist Ft Against Towson MY
WVU DS against Towson MV

Novice Speakers
1. Leah Strickland Towson
2. Sam Timinsky Marist
3. Cindy Fuller  Marist
4. Hillary Williams Towson
5. Jessica LaFluer Towson
6. Jessica Cileone Towson
7. Julie King Towson
8.Andrea Militaru Towson
9 Katie Santmyer West Virginia
10. Hilda Mwangi Towson

Open Speakers
1.Ben  Croson Buffalo
2.Barabora Onduskova Towson
3.Chris Kozak Marist
4. Charles Milburne Baltimore College Debate
5. Acacia Asbell Temple
6. Tom Bako Towson
7. Kayden Skinner West Virgina
8.Michael Stark West Virginia
9.Josh Lachewitz Johns Hopkins
10. Devrick Murray Towson

More to Come
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