[eDebate] please add to the wake wiki opencaselist

Steve Mancuso mancussp
Mon Nov 6 10:29:13 CST 2006

If you haven't checked out the Wake caselist, please do so.  It is  
organized in a very user-friendly format and seems extremely  
comprehensive - many thanks to Stefan for his work up to this point.

I'm writing to encourage teams who have attended "unscouted"  
tournaments - particularly if you attended the Harvard, JMU,  
Kentucky, Wayne State, UCO tournaments - recent tournaments.   It's  
not necessary to post much about any round - even a short summary of  
what arguments the negative ran, or the highlights of what advantages  
and add-ons the affirmative ran, would be an incredibly valuable  
supplement to the current list.

Particularly useful would be posting information about elimination  
rounds at these tournaments - many schools who have been eliminated  
earlier in the tournament generally don't get to hear what happened  
in these important debates.

This site is already a fantastic resource - but it can be made even  
better if we would each take a few minutes to add whatever additional  
information we know based on recent rounds.

Thanks - see you in Winston Salem.

Steve Mancuso

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