[eDebate] CEDA Nationals March 21-25, 2007

Steinberg, David L dave
Mon Nov 6 12:17:34 CST 2006

CEDA Nationals will be held on March 21-25, 2007 on the campus of The
University of Oklahoma in Norman.  This marks a change of one day from
the previously announced schedule.  Registration and the opening awards
assembly will take place on Wednesday, March 21.  Preliminary rounds
will be held on Thursday, March 22 and Friday, March 23.  Partial Quads
(as needed), Trips, Doubles and awards will be held on Saturday the
24th, with the remaining elimination rounds on Sunday, the 25th.


The complete tournament invitation and schedule, including lodging
information and fee structure will be made available upon review of the
Executive Council at NCA.


The original planned dates were March 22-26, however, these dates
assumed use of the OU Union for elimination rounds on the 26th.  The
historic Union building has since experienced structural damage to one
wing of the building and will be undergoing renovations, making some of
the rooms unavailable to us.  As OU will be back in session following
their spring break, other rooms on campus are not available on the 26th,
and no hotels in Norman offer the eight meeting rooms which would be
required to accommodate the last day of elims.  I am sorry for the shift
of dates for the tournament and I sincerely hope that this does not
cause anyone hardship.




David Steinberg

CEDA President


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