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The faculty and staff of CSU Long Beach would like to invite qualified candidates to apply to the graduate program in Communication Studies, at CSULB. Several issues make Long Beach an excellent place to study and coach forensics. 

1. Long Beach is a great place to live. There is not much to explain. If you have visited you know that it is sunny and warm most of the year. Long Beach is approximately 45 minutes south of Los Angeles.

2. We have a very good success rate at placing our students in doctoral programs. Although many of our students choose to teach at the community college level or to enter industry, each year several students go on to attend top doctoral programs in the country. We currently have students working on degrees at the University of Texas at Austin, Purdue, Penn State, and Utah. 

3. We have a very high success rate of getting graduate students jobs in local community colleges. In recent years, graduates of CSULB have been hired at numerous West coast colleges, including Mt. San Antonio College, Orange Coast College, Long Beach City College, Santiago Canyon College, South Orange County, Southwestern, Rio Hondo, and Vanguard University. 

4. The faculty and administration of CSULB are dedicated to the continued development of a nationally active policy debate, parliamentary debate, and individual event program. Over the last seven years we have seen a 400% increase in our budget and are able to support a full commitment to all three areas of intercollegiate forensics. 

5. Teaching assistantships and out of state tuition waivers are available for all qualified candidates. To find out more about the Graduate application process visit the Department of Communication Studies Web Site, click here. You can find more information about the Long Beach forensics program at www.beachforensics.com.

If you are interested in applying for the 2007/2008 year please contact me at 562-985-4340 or rsmithttu at aol.com.


Ryan Smith

Ryan L. Smith, MA
Director of Forensics
Department of Communication Studies
California State University, Long Beach
Office: 562-985-4340
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