[eDebate] Shirley Entry Update + Other Info

Brad Hall hallbc2
Tue Nov 7 12:13:25 CST 2006

*Entries*: All qualified (cleared at one or more varsity tournaments 
this fall, qualified for the NDT, or cleared at CEDA Nats) teams have 
now been moved off the waitlist. No unqualified teams will be added. 
Please let me know ASAP if I have missed any qualified teams.

*Judging*: commitments should be adjusted and made accurate by tomorrow 
at noon. If your judging philosophy is not posted at Planet Debate and 
Debate Results, please do so ASAP -- many judges are missing their 
philosophies (especially newer judges) and not only is it a condition of 
entry, but it's important for filling out judge preferences and 
improving the quality of debates you see. Directors, please ensure that 
your judges have posted their philosophies.

*Caselist:* many teams are still missing their caselist information. 
Please send your info to JP (lacyjp at wfu.edu) ASAP. Fairness and entry 
requirements dictate quick and detailed disclosure.
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