[eDebate] Grad assistantships at CSUF

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Tue Nov 7 20:17:25 CST 2006

Just a quick announcement that we have space for 2 Graduate Assistants
next year.  Duties involve teaching 1 class and working with the debate
team.  The academic program takes 2 years and culminates in a Master's
degree.  The first step is to apply to the university (link below); I or
Toni Nielson would be happy to answer questions.  If you think you might
be interested, the time to apply is now.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!




Admissions link:
https://secure.csumentor.edu/admissionapp/grad_apply.asp (Note:  This is
for the entire CSU.  Make sure you select the Fullerton campus.  Let me
know if you hit snags.)


Dr. Jon Bruschke, CSU Fullerton

jbruschke at fullerton.edu



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