[eDebate] My campaign

Ross K. Smith smithr
Wed Nov 8 10:30:16 CST 2006

1) That so many are asking, so many helped me and encouraged me, and 
that so many truly care all mean more than anything. Politics is about 

2) The results were actually very good. This is not spin. Our county has 
two ?districts.? I ran in District 2 (D2), a district made for the GOP, 
heavily tilted in that direction. I got enough votes there that, if 
combined with the District 1 (Dem) base votes, I would have won county 
wide (at-large). No Democratic candidate has done that well EVER in 
District 2 since these districts were created.

3) I am a team coach and player. I coach a debate TEAM. Soon after 
filing for office I teamed up with Elisabeth Motsinger (at-large) and 
Donald Dunn (D2 also). Three political novices. Three rookies making 
rookie mistakes together, but also running the best Democratic school 
board campaign in more than 12 years. Working, working, working as hard 
as we could. Learning together. Sharing emotional highs and lows. 
Elisabeth Motsinger won, the first Democrat elected to at-large school 
board in our county in over 12 years. She won as an unabashed 
progressive, speaking out loudly and clearly against the increasing 
division by race and class of our county?s schools. When one of our Wake 
debate team twosomes wins a tournament, the entire Wake Forest squad 
shares in the victory. When one loses, we all feel for them. I live and 
breathe TEAM. My attitude and approach were re-affirmed yesterday.

3) Minds were changed. Issues were raised. I have seen the sitting board 
and superintendent ?triangulate? and shift toward our positions since 
last spring. I met many people whose awareness level has been 
heightened. Standing in the cold and rain at my precinct yesterday I met 
many people who had heard the message and were there to add their voice 
to mine. The local newspaper woke up and pushed our issues to the 
forefront. The local teacher?s association is changing the way they 
approach issues, looking beyond salaries to issues of equity, input and 

4) I gave it everything I had. I received far more in return than you 
can imagine. I feel like I robbed a bank and then was told, ?Here, have 
some more money.? I have grown as a person -- heart, soul, and mind. I 
have been humbled by the many talented and hard-working people I have 
met who have given years of their life to our community in public 
service, teaching, non-profit work, and politics. I have discovered an 
array of opportunities for future activism and have learned skills that 
can be used to make a difference in multiple arenas.

5) My growth is yours. My experience is yours. Politics is about people. 
Trust me when I say that anything extra you did or will do to reach out, 
to be active, and to give has been and will be rewarded.

P.S. Jon Paul Lupo, Research Director, Webb for Senate. A race that is 
within so few votes that you know Lupo was part of the difference. You 
can make a difference. WE can make a difference.

Ross K. Smith
Debate Coach
Wake Forest University


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