[eDebate] Wake judge prefs - IMPORTANT

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Wed Nov 8 13:17:44 CST 2006

The attached sheet (which can be opened by renaming it with .xls
extension) lists all of the judges at Wake with the obligation data that
was on the Bruschke site.

1)  Please VERIFY the judge obligations to ensure that they are
correct.  If any judges are missing I need to know ASAP.  Send all
messages to me and to Wake.

2)  The sheet can help you complete the rating task offline for your
convenience.  The judges are sorted in the order they appear on my
website.  you can add your ratings, sort to your hearts content and then
resort to original order before entering them.

3)  The URL, USER NAMES and PINS have been sent to the people listed on
Bruschke's site.  If your school has not received the info, contact me

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