[eDebate] D7 Meeting/Cap Cities Tournament

Alyse Kraus alyse.kraus
Wed Nov 8 20:27:06 CST 2006


It came to my attention that, at the D7 coaches meeting during Round 4 of
the JMU tournament last weekend, there was some discussion of whether or not
the Cap Cities tournament would be taking place next year and whether or not
another tournament would replace it.  Unfortunately there was not a member
of the CUA coaching staff at the meeting.  I spoke with Mike Dutcher
regarding what bits and pieces of this discussion I heard and he asked me to
post to the list and let everyone know that the Cap Cities tournament WILL
take place next year and that it will be the usual weekend.

I regret that none of our staff was at the meeting and I know that other
schools are interested in running tournaments, however, the Catholic debate
team is committed to running the Cap Cities tournament and providing the
time, space, and hospitality we have always made available to the debate
community.  If any one has any questions or concerns, please feel free to
contact me or any member of the Catholic coaching staff.


Alyse Kraus
CUA Debate
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