[eDebate] WVU JV/Novice Nationals

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Thu Nov 9 15:02:16 CST 2006

Hi, everyone!  The invite should be out in the next two weeks.  All is on track for our JV/Novice Nationals March 3-5, 2007.  It will still be 7 rounds, with octas and onward at the hotel (Doubles on campus on Sunday night).  And entry will still be free.  The only things separating me from sending out the invite and opening entries on the Bruschke page are getting the code number for the hotel block from my contact at the Radisson and finding a couple of hours to edit the invitation.  The latter should happen now that I'm just about done doing media interviews related to the election ("In your expert opinion, why was 9-term Democratic Senator Robert C. Byrd able to defeat a virtual nobody Republican in a year that favored Democrats?").

We look forward to seeing new and old friends in Morgantown in March.  We have room for 150 teams, so space should not be an issue.

--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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