[eDebate] Judge conflicts and philosophies for Wake

Ross K. Smith smithr
Thu Nov 9 15:44:10 CST 2006

1) Are all of your judge conflicts of interest listed at the Bruschke 
site? Should we have other conflict of interest information for you?

DON'T BE THE LOSER that has to sheepishly approach the ballot table to 
tell us there was a conflict you should have listed. Look at the team 
list. Send conflicts to Gary.N.Larson at wheaton.edu

2) Judge philosophy: cut and paste it into the Bruschke site if you have 
not yet done so. New to judging? All the more important that you put a 
little thought into it. No philosophy? OK, then don't catch yourself 
saying to debaters in the post round things like, "I really don't like . 
. . ."

Ross K. Smith
Debate Coach
Wake Forest University


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