[eDebate] Missing Shirley Disclosure

lacyjp lacyjp
Fri Nov 10 22:18:43 CST 2006

These are the teams we're missing pre-tournament disclosure for.

If it got stuck in the pipes somewhere, just resend it to me or post it 
on opencaselist.wikispaces.com

If the information in the caselist is already accurate & complete, just 
say so.

If you send your stuff in tonight, we'll probably be able to get it 
posted in the morning.


Baylor MR	Alex McVey	Chris Rooney	
Binghamton RC	Sebestian Rodriguez	Corey Casbarro	
Clarion GH	Kelly Goodrich	Taylor Hahn	
CUNY BV	Whitney Brown	Ashlee Vega	
Dartmouth CO	Kathryn Clark	Kade Olsen [Tons of neg, missing aff]
Denver EW	Justin Eckstein	Tyler Warner	
Emory MP	Nicholas Miller	Pradeep Pramanick	
Fort Hays sy	chris spurlock	yiping ye	
George Mason HJ	Salman Haider	Ben Jefferies	
George Mason HM	Adam Herbert	Stephanie Morrison	
George Washington RW	Troy Roth	Brett Wallace	
Harvard PL	Ralph Paone	Dan Luxemburg	[Need Neg]
James Madison GY	Alexis Gonzales-Black	Corey Yarbrough	
James Madison LM	Evan Levy	Mary Mosley	
John Carroll LS	Andy Labuza	Chris Schroeder	
John Carroll MS	Sean McClure	Brian Smith	
Kansas State MT	Beth Mendenhall	Tristan Tafolla
Kansas State SZ	Dan Stout	Kyle Zarazan
Louisville PW	Aaron Price	Rosie Washington
Louisville RW	Ebony Rose	Jason Walker
Loyola MA	James Mollison	Nader Alsheikh
Macalester CP	Cory Copeland	TJ Powers
Macalester HW	Sam Heidepriem	Desiree Weber
Marist AT	Chris Arena	Ca Thong
Miami (OH) GJ	Ilya Galperin	Mike Jensen
Miami (OH) JN	xxx	Bree Novak
Michigan FK	Adam Farra	Dylan Keenan
Missouri State JP	Jessica Johnson	Natalie Pennington
Missouri State MM	Michael Mapes	Meggie Mapes
Missouri State WW	Sheena Walters	Clay Webb
Mt. SAC/Fullerton BK	Shaun Bunds	Matthew Kennedy
North Texas CE	Kuntal Cholera	John Elson
North Texas FT	Alex Fairchild	James Thompson
Oklahoma CJ	Conor Cleary	Blake Johnson
Pittsburgh KR	John Karlovic	Guy Risko
Richmond BW	Matt Bodnar	JJ Ward
Rochester CK	Brittany Carter	Buddy Khan
Stanford LP	Mark Linsey	Ben Picozzi
Stanford LZ	Henry Liao	Crystal Zheng
Weber State CK	Ryan Cheek	Paul Klingensmith
Whitman MM	Ben Meiches	Mike Meredith
Wichita State CS	Matt Coleman	Chris Stone
Wichita State SR	Sean Stenger	Patrick Rinker
Wyoming CL	Travis Cram	Aaron Lyttle

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