[eDebate] Shirley Elim Scouting

Brad Hall hallbc2
Sun Nov 12 12:15:16 CST 2006

In past years, we have run out of steam and debaters by Monday. This 
year we are going to try and do better by scouting as many elims as 
possible and posting the scouting on the Wiki.

To do this, we will need cooperation from the community. Many of our 
debaters have class on Monday, so we are asking for your assistance to 
achieve this. If you have any debaters, coaches, etc that will be 
available on Monday and are fairly competent at scouting, please e-mail 
me and let me know (or see me in Carswell). Just let me know by the end 
of the night and we'll hopefully have enough to fully scout the doubles 
this year.

If you are on the list of elim judges posted tonight and willing to 
scout/help scout your debate, that would be great as well. Just send me 
an e-mail with the name of your scout(s) and we'll assign them to 
debates for elim day, post the list, and then turn the info around and 
post it on the Wiki as soon as we can that day.


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