[eDebate] Comprehensive Baruch Update - 3 (because 1+2=3)

V I Keenan vikeenan
Thu Nov 16 00:39:21 CST 2006

Looking forward to seeing folks this weekend!  Here's a compilation of the
major announcements:

1) Registration has closed.  Please email updates to vikeenan at gmail.com.

2) Please email the type and number of vehicles that you are bringing if you
have not already to vikeenan at gmail.com so that we may plan parking

3) All attendees need to have a photo id available to verify their Baruch
security badge for the weekend.  yes, i'm actually serious.  and you thought
it was tough going to West Point.

4)  DROP OFF / ENTRY LOCATION - this is different from the invite:

Please drop debaters and tubs off at the 25h Street entrance to the Vertical
Campus - on 25th Street between Lexington Ave and 3rd Ave. (Not on 24th as
previously mentioned.)  This will be the main entrance for all participants
in the tournament.  The entrance is right at the traffic light in the middle
of the block.

Come out of Tunnel, follow signs for "Downtown".  At 34th Street TURN LEFT
onto 34th (2 way street).  Take 34th Street down to 2ND AVE, and turn RIGHT
onto 2nd (one way avenue).  Follow 2nd Ave down to East 25th Street - TURN
RIGHT on East 25th St (one way street).  Follow East 25th 1 1/2 blocks
(cross 3rd Ave completely), at 2nd light you should have the Vertical Campus
of Baruch College on your left. Unload.  A Baruch student will direct the
driver towards parking.

Approx. 15 min from Tunnel, Tunnel approx 10 min from hotels. No more than 5
min. to parking.

5) Please call my cell phone at 347-683-6894 once your team is on the road
and you can confirm your entries.

6) For those who believe Vermont was right on the fossil fuel topic, and
that mass transit will lead to love of fellow humanity, please email me
requests for subway directions if not driving or if team members are staying
throughout the boroughs and need travel time estimates or updates on train
work (track work alters subway routes, turns the case impacts).  NYUDL
debaters will be on standby to explain how to maneuver tubs on subway
7) We will release pairings by 7:30 on Saturday morning for rounds 1 and 2.
Round 1 begins at 8 AM.  Registration and breakfast will be at Baruch
starting at 7AM.  Baruch ID badges will be distributed then as well.

8) Make checks payable to 'Baruch College Fund" if still processing.

9) Weather predicted in the low 50's.  Bring your jacket.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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